BTS “Permission To Dance” challenge taken on by Elton John; singer sends love to ARMY

Singer Elton John recently took BTS Permission to dance challenge. The singer posted a video on his official YouTube channel, where he can be seen grooving on the song and performing sign language steps. Elton also shared a post on Twitter where he shouted at BTS ARMY. Apparently Elton’s name was also in the lyrics that go- “When everything seems wrong, just sing along with Elton John. “

Singer Elton John takes BTS Permission to dance Challenge

Elton John took to the microblogging site and posted a video featuring him. In the video, John can be seen expressing his gratitude to the BTS ARMY. He said, “Thanks BTS. I love the ARMY.” He captioned the post: “When everything seems to be going well, I sing along with @bangtantv #permissiontodance.” He added: “When the nights get colder, and the beats get you behind @BTS_twt #permissiontodance.”

Earlier, rapper BTS RM also showed his support for Elton John on Twitter. He also posted a video of himself on BTS’s verified Twitter account. He wrote: “When everything seems wrong, just sing along with @eltonofficial #PermissionToDance.”

K-pop group BTS started on Permission to dance challenge in July. BTS ARMY reinvented the hit song by choreographing their own moves and sharing videos on YouTube. BTS members – RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Jin and Suga are still breaking records with their two recently released tracks – Butter and Permission to dance. Songs reigned supreme on Billboard Hot 100, script history. In 2020, the Bangtan Boys released their first official all-English track titled Dynamite, which earned them their first Grammy nomination.

In an interview with Jaeki Cho for Amazon Music, the members of BTS recently spoke about their success, their definition of masculinity, BTS ARMY and several other things. They were asked if they ever expected to have such a huge following, to which BTS frontman RM replied, “When you’re in the eye of a hurricane, you can’t. know. When the hurricane goes away, we’ll find it outside. ” Jaeki Cho pointed out that it’s not often that K-pop groups survive this long and how they still manage to thrive. RM replied, “When we started I was honestly concerned about how we were going to last for seven years as such different people, but I think the differences turned into a synergy for us to bridge the gap. ditch for each other. “


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