BTS Talk ‘Permission to Dance’ Challenge with Chris Martin – Billboard

BTS ‘summer hit “Permission to Dance” isn’t just a clever song title. During a YouTube Posted On Thursday September 9 with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, the K-pop septet V revealed that after starting professional dance lessons just a few years ago, he has gained a lot of confidence in his hoof skills.

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“I just loved dancing, so I danced on my own,” V said during the 15-minute conversation. “I didn’t care what other people thought and I danced the way I wanted. Because I don’t need to be embarrassed when I’m dancing. I just followed where my heart is going, I don’t need permission to dance.

Martin, still in self-mockery, began by saying he wasn’t a professional interviewer and apologizing if he hadn’t done a good job, which led RM to gush, “For us you are the best! ” Martin then thanked the boys for giving “a lot of joy” to the world during the COVID-19 pandemic through their music. “So I have a lot of love and respect for you for this,” he said.

The session to discuss the inspiration behind the “Permission” dance challenge featured some of the ARMY fans around the world who filmed their own choreography on the song, with Martin asking how the group felt seeing all of those music videos from the song. Texas to Tokyo. the stages of their song.

RM said that although sometimes they wonder what it all comes down to, admitting that sometimes the choreography and movements seem a bit ‘insignificant’. But when you see the fans and their eyes, when we dance and sing in front of them. Their energy, their honesty, their message, their letters, their words. These are the only reasons we haven’t given up. This is the only reason for the existence of the group.

Martin added that he was personally happy that he didn’t need permission to dance because he wasn’t very good at it. “But I made a decision about 20 years ago that I don’t care if it looks cool,” said the singer, who doesn’t hesitate to pounce on the massive and colorful stages his band erects in the arenas and stadiums around the world. “The reason why I encourage this song and this movement” Permission to dance ” [is] because it symbolizes that everyone should be free to be themselves. And it’s also amazing to have the unity of the group [BTS] with your audience.

The episode ended with BTS unveiling the “Shorts Challenge” version of “Permission,” featuring a montage of global ARMY members performing their best dances with celebrity guests including Elton John and the Jabbawockeez.

Watch the cat and the “Shorts” videos below.