Elton John takes BTS Permission To Dance challenge and sends love to ARMY

Singer Elton John is the latest celebrity to complete the BTS Permission To Dance challenge. He shared a video on his YouTube channel, where he followed the song with the footsteps. In his Twitter post, he also sent a cry to the ARMY.

John captioned his post: “When everything looks right, I sing along with @bangtantv #permissiontodance.” On Twitter he wrote: “When the nights get colder, and the beats get you behind @BTS_twt #permissiontodance.” Elton said in the video, “Thanks BTS. Love to the ARMY.

Earlier, BTS frontman RM winked at Elton John on Twitter. He shared a video of himself on BTS’s official Twitter account. He captioned the video: “When everything seems wrong, just sing along with @eltonofficial #PermissionToDance.”

The Permission To Dance Challenge was launched by BTS in July, when fans choreographed their own moves and shared videos on YouTube. BTS, which includes RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, had a golden year as their two tracks Butter and Permission To Dance reigned supreme on the Billboard Hot 100, making history. Last year, the boys released their first all-English track, Dynamite, which earned them their first Grammy nomination.

In a recent interview with Jaeki Cho for Amazon Music, BTS opened up about their success, the definition of masculinity, and the ARMY. When asked if they expected to have such a strong fan base, RM said, “Everyone asks us why do we have such a diverse fandom? When you are in the eye of a hurricane, you may not know it. When the hurricane moves away, we’ll know.

Later in the interview, Jaeki Cho pointed out that it’s not often that many K-pop groups last this long. On the way they handled it, RM said, “When we started I was honestly concerned about how we were going to last for seven years as such different people, but I think the differences are. transformed into a synergy to allow us to fill the void for each other. “