TikTok influencers post ‘Happy Halloween’ viral dance challenge

A trio of TikTok influencers posted a viral Halloween dance challenge featuring the hit song that debuted in the 2020 Adam Sandler horror parody “Hubie Halloween”.

TikTok artists Slavik, Bdash and Aubrey wear black dresses, leather jackets and “Scream” masks as they dance to the song “Happy Halloween” around a bucket of candy in their 35-second video. In their #HalloweenChallenge, they encourage other TikTok users to copy their moves into their own videos.

“Get your costumes ready and go for the Halloween dance challenge,” Slavik wrote in his post on the video, which drew over 71,800 views.

“Happy Halloween” was recorded by Dbone and the Remains, a Los Angeles-based Halloween-themed dance-pop group. The group’s co-founders said they tried to copy TikTok dance moves before.

“They are definitely professionals,” singer Derek “DBone” Reckley said of the performers. “There’s a movement where they’re doing this wave with their legs and their hands, and you don’t get it if you don’t have a rhythm. But it looks great on the video and creates a really trippy effect.

“I’m pretty new to TikTok and only saw a few videos of these guys, but they’re so good. I love the video and it makes me want to move, ”said Sandy Chila, producer and drummer.

Mr Reckley, 39, said he and Mr Chila co-wrote the song with the aim of creating ‘modern dance music for Halloween’ that ‘mixed’ 60s ‘Monster Mash’ with dance moves ‘Thriller’ of the 80s. “

The Halloween & Costume Association, the nonprofit trade association that represents Halloween retailers, said in a statement that the song gained popularity after Mr. Sandler’s film debut on Netflix and “is quickly becoming l ‘hymn of the next Halloweekend “.