A dance challenge against the onslaught of social media

Who would have thought that the effervescent and bouncy number Rasputin of famous European pop group Boney M would hold the ocean front except here in the small state of Kerala, 41 years after first attracting music lovers.

The less than a minute long dance by two students from Thrissur Medical College – Janaki Omkumar and Naveen Razak – performed for fun to the tune of the world-famous 1978 album number “Nightflight to Venus” just made this. The jig that had since gone viral on social media brought young people into both bouquets and brickbats, inadvertently stoking community and political passions.

Controversy over the performance monopolized the media spotlight after a lawyer posted a Facebook post calling attention to the girl’s and boy’s religious backgrounds who come from two different communities. This sparked a heated debate on social media for and against young people who fought off the so-called community pikes thrown at them.

Today, in solidarity with young people, the Federation of Indian Students (SFI) unit at Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) has come up with a line dance challenge. In an obvious search of the lawyer who allegedly made the post, the event was titled “Entho Panthikedundu” (something is fishy).

“The event aims to express our solidarity with young people and to fight communal and fascist forces attacking them,” said Abhinav Krishna, member of the SFI unit committee. The organizers invited dance entries of less than a minute, both solo and duet, performed on the same number of Rasputin.

Entries will be accepted until April 14 and the winners will be announced two days later. “We have already started receiving entries and will upload them to the SFI Cusat Unit Instagram account. We are trying to reach the two young people and get them to announce the winners, ”said Mr. Krishna.

The most appreciated performance on social networks will be rewarded so that the best performers are judged by a jury. Initially, a single 1,500 cash prize was announced, although the possibility of improving the cash prize is under consideration now that sponsors have come forward to appreciate the spirit of the event (@sficusat) .

Not to be outdone, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Medical Student Network also announced “The Rasputin Challenge,” an Instagram-based short dance video competition in solidarity with young medical students. . Entries have already been invited and the most popular video among those uploaded to the Instagram account will be awarded with a cash prize (ima_msn_kerala).