A dance challenge to inspire hard-working dads

Celebrity dad Drew Arellano enjoys bonding with his son Primo while doing the “Twist, Lick, Dunk” snack time habit.

Working from home has made it harder for some families to find time for each other. The boundaries between work and family life for parents have become blurred, with fathers often tending to miss family ties.

But it is during meals and snacks that parents spend time with their children. And snacks can be made more memorable when they become a time of fun and play. It only takes a few minutes, just add Oreo to the mix and everyone will remember how much fun it is.” Twist, Lick, and Dunk” an Oreo.

Asking kids to talk about their day, or the last game they played or the video they watched, is great when you’re done snacking on the famous sandwich cookie and drinking a glass of milk. Making Twist, Lick, Dunk a snack habit will give kids a bonding moment with dad to look forward to.

For those who want to take the bonding experience a few levels higher, take on the #OreoSaveDads dance challenge. The challenge brings out Dad’s playful side as they join their kids in a TikTok video, guaranteed to be filled with never-before-seen dance moves, laughs and lots of fun. Dads and kids won’t just show off their moves – they’ll have videos to watch, reminding them of some of the bonding times they had with dad.

Kids won’t stay small forever and dads need to bond and have fun with their kids before they grow up. The #OREOSaveDads dance challenge shows that ultimately what kids remember isn’t how much time their dad spent on that big vacation, or how many hours their parents spent with them them. What matters is the attention of their parents, this dad was there 100% and they all had fun as a family.