Allianz Brings Youthful Beat To #TheExtraOK With RM5M+ Coverage And Dance Challenge

ALLIANZ continues to promote living confidently in the new normal with Covid-19 with the launch of #TheExtraOK medical plan, HealthInsured, at an exclusive fitness-themed event and on Facebook Live.

The plan has many important benefits, such as a high aggregate annual limit of up to RM5,000,000 for increased medical protection; including cancer with access to genomic testing, home medical assistance through Allianz Care@Home and Covid-19 cover.

Building on how Malaysians are more likely to focus on personal well-being earlier in life, Allianz focused the campaign on youth culture.

Additionally, independent research has revealed that the arts and music hold an important place in youth culture and play a vital role in advancing social skills and creative self-expression.

So, as part of the campaign strategy, Allianz incorporated music and dance into #TheExtraOK to unite young people from all walks of life and bring out their limitless potential through their shared passions in the pursuit of personal well-being.

Additionally, Allianz has also produced a catchy jingle, the song #TheExtraOK featuring effervescent influencer, JE Pong, which incorporates the product’s key USPs coupled with dance choreography to highlight the added benefits and added protection of HealthInsured. for Malaysians.

At the launch, Allianz unveiled the #TheExtraOK Dance Challenge, calling on young Malaysians to participate and show off their skills by recording a 20-second dance video to help transform the lives of Malaysians with #TheExtraOK.

Allianz is also working with young content creators, such as Alvy, Danny 3P, Yuki_Dance, Nyokki and Leslie Png, to produce a wealth of content as part of the #TheExtraOKDance challenge promotion!

Here’s how to take part in the #TheExtraOKDance challenge:

  • Use the full 20 second jingle of #TheExtraOK song
  • Replicate #TheExtraOK moves on song and record
  • Post the video using the hashtags #TheExtraOKDance #AllianzMalaysia #HealthInsured and tag @allianzmalaysia; entries must be submitted by May 22, 2022.

The public can check out all the fun entries on Facebook or Instagram via #TheExtraOKDance!

Be sure to follow the official pages of Allianz Malaysia for more details on the mechanics, latest updates and #TheExtraOKDance challenge announcement.