‘Bollywood Wala Dance’ Review: This Mamta Sharma Song Is Nasty

‘Bollywood Wala Dance’ Review: This Mamta Sharma Song Is Nasty

Written by
Shreya Mukherjee

December 18, 2021, 9:18 p.m.
2 minute read

Tips Music and Prerna V Arora have released a new single titled Bollywood Wala dance today.

Sung by Mamta Sharma, the music video on YouTube features Waluscha De Sousa.

As the name suggests, De Sousa simply incorporates every Bollywood element song element into the clip, presenting us with nothing we haven’t seen before.

But the song is accompanied by an attractive hook.

Here is our opinion.

The belief behind the lyrics is not clear

With lyrics written by Danish Iqbal Sabri, the music was composed by Vishal Mishra.

Sort of meta with the lyrics, the track is about how men leave their wives at home to spend their evenings in bars.

While some lines seem to call out for male behavior, the following ones suddenly endorse casual flirting and the “men will be men” sentiment.

Can we stop at the ‘woman dancing surrounded by men’ trope?

For other aspects of the track, the two-minute-plus song has all the elements to be a catchy party number.

But no one said all Bollywood party songs had to have a woman dancing surrounded by men with “predatory” eyes, did they?

Yet the definition of a strong dance number has been the same over the past decade across various songwriting industries.

De Sousa had recently led the song ‘Chingari’ for ‘Antim’

De Sousa is a gifted dancer with various emotions up her sleeves (as we saw recently in Chingari) and it displays them well here.

Nothing happens in the clip worth mentioning.

There is no story involved either.

Speaking about the track, Sharma had said that she especially loves crochet.

And, we agree.

But, dear songwriters, please get rid of the nasty lyrics now.

The official music video has already racked up over 30,000 views

“I had a pleasant experience playing along to this energetic song. I’m sure Bollywood Wala dance will steal the hearts of the public,” De Sousa said.

Currently, the song has amassed over 30L views on Youtubeso the masses seem to have loved it.

Verdict: While the song gets 2/5 [just for the hook]the MV takes 1/5 stars [for De Sousa’s performance].