BTS’s Jin Gives Funny Dance Challenge After ‘Super Tuna’ Release; He says he’s “embarrassed”

BTS’s Jin turned 29 yesterday according to the international age, and it looks like the whole world celebrated his birthday. The once saddened BTS member who claimed he didn’t get many wishes last year was surprised by his fans on the last day of BTS’s concert. ARMY held signs with Jin written in Korean on a red heart and waved it for the singer as he greeted them.

Later, during the ending comments, another incredible event awaited Jin when the ARMY bomb (BTS’s light stick) was covered to look like a ‘Moon‘ which happens to be the singer’s solo track. It not only brought her to tears, but created a purple ocean at SoFi Stadium, confusing onlookers. Additionally, the group performed their English singles “Dynamite” and “Butter” at the 2021 iHeartRadio Jinglebell Ball, turning it into JINglebell as the audience sang Jin’s birthday song and he received a big cake.

On the other hand, the singer himself had a comeback gift for his fans up his sleeve. Jin did a show on Naver VLive where he teased the release of another song. Showcasing a trotting vibe and a completely refreshing take on his fishing hobby, Jin shared “Super Tuna” with his fans.

A performance video showed the BTS member dancing on the beach and showing off adorable and witty choreography. The easy-to-follow steps quickly caught fire with the young crowd when videos of children taking part in the unexpected #SuperTunaDanceChallenge which started trending. Catching up on what was happening, Jin said, “No, but please don’t do a super tuna challenge that I didn’t plan. No, I’m so embarrassed.

Have you ever attended the party?

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