Dance challenge earns thousands of dollars for nurses at NYU Langone

NEW YORK – Kevin Moore, a nurse at NYU Langone and deputy director of LGBTQ + at NYU Langone Health, is moved as he remembers what he saw at work during the height of the pandemic.

What would you like to know

  • Isaac “Boots” Calpito raised over $ 30,000 for services to NYU Langone Health nurses who worked on the front lines throughout the pandemic
  • Money was raised thanks to the #DanceAndDonateChallenge
  • NYU Langone Health Launches Program to Support Nurses with Wellness Resources
  • Kevin Moore is a nurse at NYU Langone who worked on the front lines during the height of the pandemic and plans to use these programs

“It was nonstop, nonstop and scary because when was it going to end and if it was going to end,” Moore recalls.

He is not alone. That’s why NYU Langone Health is launching a program to support nurses who have worked tirelessly against the coronavirus.

“The programs are related to health, wellness and fitness, something that I love a lot other nurses don’t do enough, I don’t take care of myself the same way I would take care of myself. of a patient, ”Moore said.

Funding for this platform is provided in part by the #DanceAndDonateChallenge initiated by dancer, choreographer and fitness trainer Isaac “Boots” Calpito.

In less than a month, he raised over $ 30,000 for nurses at NYU Langone Health. He met some of the nurses he will help by teaching them to dance.

“Thinking that these nurses had to show up every day, all night and basically had to deal with a crisis,” Calpito said.

This isn’t the first time he’s used his influence on Instagram to help others. He helped raise over $ 1 million at the end of last year by running donation-based workouts to benefit No Kid Hungry. Now he is focusing on helping nurses.

“I was okay, what could be the next move? What’s the next push and feeling of giving back to the nurses giving back to the frontline workers who showed up every day while we were home safe, ”Calpito said.

This is something Moore is extremely grateful for.

“Someone said we recognize all the things that you as a profession have done, we really want to help, that was lovely,” said Moore.