Domino’s Resurrects’ 80s Mascot The Noid For TikTok Dance Challenge

Domino’s Pizza invites TikTok users to live their ’80s rhythm by resurrecting its forgotten spandex mascot for an unruly dance challenge.

The Noid returns as the brand’s villain for the first time in decades on a mission of chaos, as anger issues combined with a pizza crusher conspire to ruin pizzas from top to bottom across the country.

Reappearing on TikTok, the unlikely masked mascot faces an impromptu dance challenge to the tune of Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot, but the past three decades of isolation haven’t dulled The Noid’s rage – to a comic effect.

The very nervous antihero is shown trying to keep in tune with the music using two left feet, only to become increasingly frustrated with his clumsy attempts before eventually crashing to the ground.

Viewers are invited to participate in a dance duet to “Avoid the Noid”, as well as any unfortunate encounter with the pizza crusher.

The Noid first troubled Domino’s back in 1986 and has been remembered by fans of the franchise ever since, with appearances in previews and Easter Eggs in the decades since.

Relaunched in spring 2021 by Work in Progress, The Noid is making a strong comeback and making up for lost time with an irresistible mix of dance, music and pizza.


We ## avoid the Noid all the time, but can you? ## HitMeWithYourBestDuet to show how YOU would avoid the Noid. ## HitMeWithYourBestShot ## duo ## fyp

♬ original sound – Domino’s Pizza

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Domino’s is an American chain of pizzerias founded in 1960.

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