Dublin nuns brilliantly take part in viral dance challenge

A GROUP of Redemptoristine nuns in Dublin became the latest to try their hand at the Jerusalema viral dance challenge.

The challenge has so far seen Gardaí, coast guards, nursing homes, hotel staff and many more across Ireland put their best foot forward and perform the dance routine, with most saying it ‘they are doing it to help lift people’s spirits in one of the most difficult times of the pandemic.

Today, a group of ‘Red Sisters’ based in County Dublin took on the challenge themselves, showcasing their home and the grounds of St. Alphonsus Monastery in Drumcondra.

The sisters, as well as the Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers, who participated in the video are from “Brazil in Cork to Dublin”, and have started the dance to help those who are struggling while “praying for our world in these difficult times” .

Thirteen nuns from the Walled Monastery of Dublin performed as lead dancers in the viral video, with Sister Lucy Conway recounting RTÉ News they wanted to “boost people’s morale, it was a difficult time”.

The sisters had been challenged by their fellow Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers, Sister Lucy saying the challenge brought them together.

The brilliant video has already gone viral despite not being uploaded until yesterday morning – just 24 hours after it was posted on social media, it has been viewed tens of thousands of times and received hundreds of comments from support.

“What a bunch of shakers and movers. So beautiful and uplifting,” wrote one woman.

“Father Gerard, you can really rock those hips!” Stay safe everyone. “