How to participate in itel’s #IDanceWithDiamond dance challenge

itel is currently running a social media dance campaign that will see the contest winner walk away with a Ksh. 100,000 cash prizes.

The dance campaign dubbed “#IDanceWithDiamond” comes just weeks after the leading smartphone maker announced the Tanzania-based superstar, Diamond Platnumz as official brand ambassador.

The dance campaign is also linked to the recent launch itel a37 smart phone.

Here are full campaign details and how to submit your video which will give you the chance to walk away with the cash prize as well as a range of itel goodies.

# IDanceWithDiamond-poster

Step 1: Watch the #IDanceWithDiamond dance video. Note the choreography and create a similar 30 second video. Creativity is the key here.

2nd step: Post the video from Vskit, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #IDanceWithDiamond and # DanceWithItelA37. Identify at least 10 of your friends to increase the reach of your video.

Vskit link:

Facebook link:

Step 3: itel will select the videos that will qualify for the first round of auditions. The best 18 submissions will be selected for the second round of the challenge.

Step 4: itel performs the second and final audition to select the three best videos.

The first audition deadline was 2sd April 2021 while the final audition will take place on 12e May 2021.


The winners of the audition round will win a brand new itel 32 “TV.

The first three winners of the final audition will receive;

Challenge winner: Ksh. 100,000

Challenge finalist: Ksh. 80,000

Second finalist: Ksh. 50,000

So go ahead and all the best!

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