Irish nuns take up the challenge of the Jerusalema dance

An order of Irish nuns in a closed monastery has become the latest group to take on the viral Jerusalema dance challenge made famous by An Garda Síochána last month.

The Redemptoristine Sisters of the Monastery of St. Alphonsus in Drumcondra could be seen moving their feet on the Master KG viral tube “Jerusalema”.

The 13 nuns, who are between 28 and 92 years old, practiced the steps last week and uploaded the video to their Facebook page on Monday where it was liked more than 3.4,000 times.

Sister Lucy Conway told RTÉ News that nuns made the video “people’s courage” during Ireland’s third COVID-19 lockdown and said it was their way of offering prayer.

She said the nuns found the third lockdown particularly difficult and that the challenge of the dance “made their hearts easier”.

“We wanted to cheer people up, it’s been a tough time,” Sr. Conway told RTÉ.

The nuns rose to the challenge after being challenged by fellow fathers and brothers and took several days to learn the steps of the viral dance challenge.

Ten of the sisters participated in the video, dancing in the halls, rooms and grounds of the monastery, while the other three nuns filmed them and applauded them behind the camera.

Sister Gabrielle Fox said the nuns had no objection to participating in the social media challenge because they believed it was a prayer initiative.

“It’s not just a gimmick. It was done on purpose as a prayer,” she told RTÉ News.

A number of groups in Ireland have taken up the challenge of the Jerusalema dance since An Garda Síochána went viral thanks to their efforts last month, including the Dingle Coast Guard and nursing home residents across the country.