Kundali Bhagya September 9, 2022 Written Update Dance Challenge

Kundali Bhagya September 9, 2022 Written Update Dance Challenge Preeta stamps Arjun’s feet when she feels he is behaving like Arjun. They fight in front of everyone. Karan tells that Preeta stamped her foot. Preeta says he can’t dance well. He says she can’t dance well. Shrishti says Preeta is a good dancer, she cannot stomp anyone. Sameer tells that even Arjun is a good dancer. Rakhi says they will have competition round. Karan says it is not necessary. Shrishti asks if he got scared. Mahesh and Sameer ask Arjun to take the challenge. Arjun and Preeta challenge each other for the dance. Karan does not want to lose. Rakhi announces a boys versus girls competition.

Karan and Preeta engage in a tough competition. Karan forgets his revenge and feels love for Preeta again. Anjali is worried about Arjun. She is jealous seeing Arjun bonding with Preeta. She blames Arjun for saying something and doing something else. She tells that he talks about hating Preeta, but loves her. She says she has no problem, but she doesn’t want to tolerate his double standards. She asks him why he criticized Prithvi when the latter said bad things about Preeta. Karan asks her why she is yelling at her, as if she is jealous of Preeta. She admits that she cares for him, she is afraid of losing him, she is jealous and insecure. Anjali started to like Arjun. She doesn’t want Arjun near Preeta. Keep reading.

Earlier in the series, Preeta asks Arjun not to joke. Karan jokes about her and calls her a fighting cock. He’s laughing. Preeta gets angry. Sameer says he will call Arjun to dance to please Bappa. Preeta asks her not to call Arjun. Rakhi asks them to call Arjun and dance. Karan asks Janki not to take Preeta’s side. Sameer asks Arjun to come rock the dance floor. Karan refuses. The DJ is playing a romantic song. Kareena takes Rishabh and Preeta for the dance. Rishabh is happy to think that Preeta wanted him by her side. They both dance romantically. Karan gets jealous. He is dancing with Anjali. Sherlyn and Prithvi watch over Luthras. He says he just loves Sherlyn. Sherlyn is happy not to see Preeta and Kritika. Karan dances with Preeta. Preeta stomps her foot angrily. Rishabh asks Arjun what happened to him.

Revised rating for the Kundali Bhagya written update dance challenge of September 9, 2022: 4/5 This rating is based solely on the opinion of the author. You can post your own take on the show in the comments section below.

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