Lulus Streams Original Song Designed To Boost TikTok Dance Challenge

Dive brief:

  • Online retailer Lulus is teaming up with media platform HerCampus and social media creator Jalaiah Harmon to inspire shoppers with an original song and dance meant to spur a viral TikTok challenge, according to an announcement emailed to Marketing Dive.
  • Creative agency Song Candy superimposed data on musical trends onto Harmon’s musical inspirations to create the original track. The brand will also be offering a $ 1,000 Lulus shopping spree as part of the campaign, which begins today (September 9), as well as the chance to appear on Lulus’ TikTok channel and a virtual styling session for the. winner and a friend.
  • The #LulusOriginal campaign is the latest in Lulus’ commitment to supporting students and “young scammers” online through ongoing scholarships and student discounts.

Dive overview:

Lulus takes a page from the Elf beauty brand with a TikTok brand campaign centered around an original song. A musical challenge inspired by the name of the beauty and cosmetics company – an acronym of “Eyes. Lips. Face”. – sparked one of the most viral campaigns in TikTok history, boosting more than 5 million user-generated videos, according to a case study from partner agency Movers + Shakers. Now, Lulus is hoping that his new track by agency Song Candy and the associated dance challenge will generate a similar impact for the online retailer.

The music-focused campaign taps into the marketing industry’s broader creative shift towards building an audio-based community. Branded songs, albums, mixtapes, and playlists have become a popular tactic for brands eyeing Gen Z consumers – including Elf, Barilla, and Liquid Death Water pasta – as a way to bypass advertising clutter and ” reach people organically on their favorite channels.

At the same time, Lulus seeks to serve as a change agent for equity and progress by launching Harmon to lead his campaign and choreograph a dance to the original song. The move is meant to hold various creators accountable following events where Harmon and other creators did not receive credit for TikTok’s viral trends. The online retailer is simultaneously using its latest campaign to uplift new online trendsetters and as a statement to give credit to creators changing the social media landscape.

The #LulusOriginal campaign is the latest in the retailer’s commitment to supporting students through a partnership with HerCampus. Lulus helped relaunch the media platform in July, placing Harmon in Lulus on HerCampus’ first digital cover. Extending the partnership to TikTok this fall could help the duo reach 28.5 million TikTok users, according to the announcement.