Sahdev Dirdo joins ‘In Da Getto’ dance challenge and gets stomped by netizens

Since J Balvin, Skrillex has abandoned his ‘In Da Getto’ track in July, people around the world couldn’t stop grooving to catchy beats. Now even the child social media star Sahdev Dirdo has joined in the dance challenge as he flaunts his skills.

The 10-year-old who broke the internet with his interpretation of ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ and even collaborated with popular singer-rapper Badshah in an official song video, has kept his followers hooked with many popular numbers. After efficient “Bella Ciao” recently to tap into the surrounding frenzy Money theft, the boy decided to shake a leg to the rhythm of the Colombian artist.

The Latino artist, whose song not only topped the charts but also sparked a series of dance battles on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram Reel, #InDaGetto has seen people show off their moves from dance, including celebrities. Joining the challenge, Sahdev also tried to show off his flamboyant side, mimicking some of the song’s viral choreography.

Pulling on a pair of cool blue tones, a loose tee and a cap worn inside out, the little boy channeled Balvin. Tagging the artist, he wrote: “Mere pyaare @jbalvin bhaiyaa ka gaana hai .. aur yeh hai hamara wala dance (this is the song of my adorable brother J Balvin… and this is my dance)”.

The video amassed nearly 500,000 views in one day and many commented on how he pulled off the moves and vibes of professional singers, while others found his attempt adorable.

Since Balvin’s song became a part of Fortnite’s dance battles, the song’s success has catapulted into a viral trend on social media platforms.