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A KANGAROO Flat dance school was recognized in a national awards ceremony featuring more than 250 other dance schools. Sharon Saunders Dancers was named a finalist for Best Studio of the Year at the Ready Set Dance Awards on Sunday night. Teacher Michelle Bush also received a gold award for her outstanding achievement. Read more: School owner Sharon Saunders said the awards encompass two years of effort after the 2020 awards night was canceled. Ms Saunders said finishing as second best The country’s Ready Set dance school after two severely disrupted years was a great effort. “I was just thrilled that we could survive COVID,” she said. “Every time we come out of lockdown we have new preschoolers coming in and that keeps us going.” We were up against schools in Sydney and Western Australia which were open most of the time. It was really satisfying for the team who worked hard to make things happen through online courses and a lot of pivot. We were finalists from the WA School which had done well without so many blockages. ”Ms. Saunders said Ms. Bush’s victory was also a good boost for the dance school.” Michelle started with us this year. after closing his Sunbury school last year. Ms. Saunders said: “We are fortunate to have her travel to Bendigo as she is a talented preschool teacher. Ready Set Dance and ballet are his expertise. “(The judges) saw her ability to communicate with parents about the learning challenges children present, her experience talking to parents about the barriers children face, especially through COVID – especially anxiety. ” The dance school was also nominated in seven other award categories, including the Make a Difference Award, the Magic Moment Award and the Regional Award. Georgia Skinners was nominated for a Silver Award for Outstanding Achievement while the school also had nominations for the Teacher of the Year category. Along with the national recognition, the dance school also announced MS Saunders’ intention to hand over her role in the business to someone else. “I’ve had it for 30 years and I’m trying to find someone to continue my legacy,” she said. “Our out-of-the-box Set Dance program grew so much before COVID hit it and there was this big speed bump. I am looking for someone to take care of the children and continue doing what I started. Since the announcement (my sales plans) I’ve had some nice posts on Facebook. People have been so supportive of their colleagues across Australia and the dancers for the past 20-30 years. “Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content: