The rise of the Bobrisky’s Dance Challenge

We wouldn’t forget ‘Oshey baddest’, which she popularized without hassle after being initiated by Davido.

Nigerians can do anything trendy and Bobrisky dancing is the latest thing to set a trend.

In January 2021, a video of Bobrisky dance on Rexxie and Mohbad‘s smash hit,’KPK ‘ surfaced and went viral on the internet.

The dance looked like a mixture of miniature palliative dance moves with bursts of heavy side-to-side movement across the waist and upper body, and “confident girl” dance legs.

The best performers of the routine also incorporate Bobrisky’s famous “death looks” or “grim smile” for a special effect. Some have since dubbed the Bobrisky dance the “Rich Aunt’s Dance” because of its elegance.

The challenge involves friends or family trying to dance like Bob and making their mark on the dance that most resembles him. You don’t usually get too excited about such things as there are always new trends and challenges, but Bob is once again grazing in Nigerian pop culture.

By March 2021, Bobrisky dance challenge became a thing on social media and everyone – mostly women – wanted to participate.

A few days ago, students of the popular organization, Dreamcatcher Academy joined the Bobrisky Dance Challenge in a video that has since gone viral.

In a country that sees more trendy dance routines than responsible politicians, Bobrisky’s dance has become the obsession with the perfect dance between palliative dance and Zlatan’s new Duracell routine, ‘Cho Cho.’

In April 2021, dancing became all that a lot of people could talk about because it’s actually quite fun and interesting to watch.

The problem is, some men might find it too “girly” for them to play, and it might just limit the virality of the routine. The most viral dance routines over the past 10 years have been unisex.

Mastering the Bobrisky dance is an art. You have to get hand-body coordination; your facial appreciation should be vibrant and overall have a good vibe.

We can assume her pronouns are ‘She / She’ because of a viral video in response to her being called ‘Brother’, she said: “Tani brother? “ sense ‘Who is your brother?’

Her rise to fame began in 2011, when she was just a teenager. A bar owner allegedly caught her stealing and while they were walking her around, sachets of water that were supposed to serve as breasts fell from her clothes.

She confessed that she dressed like a woman so that she could get the men to give her money. Subsequently, she became an “expert on money laundering”.

Bob’s fame then continued on Snapchat. She started checking in while engaging in different activities and talking about a supposed “bae”.

She even created her premium Snapchat and people had to pay to watch her videos – and they did.

Over the past few years the big question has been “How did Bobrisky become such a sensation in such a homophobic and conservative society?” ”

Could it be the fear of seeing a cross-dresser, her flawless makeup or bad English that seems hilarious or is bad English the prerequisite for blowing up in Nigeria?

You could argue that Bobrisky’s charisma and confidence are the key to his personality. But the overriding truth remains that Nigerians love aberrant / enigmatic characters with strong personalities.

Bobrisky’s allure is the cartoonish image of transgender and cross-dressing. This is why a homophobic country like Nigeria can tolerate its excesses.

Bobrisky’s Snapchat is still a hub for the cruise. Lots of videos on her Snapchat show her dancing or just fuming in ghastly English.

The internet as a hub for sensationalism has caught its dance bug.