The Teletubbies Take BTS’ “Super Tuna” Dance Challenge

It’s official: the Teletubbies have joined the army fanbase! BTS probably has the cutest fans now, and we couldn’t agree more.

The cutest entry to the “Super Tuna” dance challenge came to life after BTS uploaded a “Bangtan Bomb” episode showing behind-the-scenes footage from their Festa 2021 family portrait photoshoot. Jin and RM, who noticed they were wearing similarly colored clothing to the Teletubbies, cracked a joke and called themselves the British cartoon characters.

“You’re dressed in pink, so you’re Po. I’ll be Laa,” RM told Jin.

The Teletubbies team were quick to notice the video and tweeted their appreciation for BTS, saying, “Hey, Po and Laa.”

The adorable interaction didn’t stop there, as the Teletubbies even uploaded a Tiktok video of them dancing to Jin’s “Super Tuna” dance challenge. Showcasing the characters’ cute and buttery-smooth dance moves, the 13-second clip has gone viral on Tiktok and has now garnered nearly 7 million views.

@teletubbies Of course, the Teletubbies’ very first TikTok dance was the #supertunachallenge – how do you think they did? 💜💚💛❤️ #bts ♬ Super Tuna – La_lim💜❤️

The BTS Army couldn’t help but react with complete admiration towards the adorable Teletubbies.

“Super Tuna,” a song inspired by Jin’s love of fishing, was released late last year on the singer’s birthday. Although he was shy about the unexpected dance challenge, fans – which now include the Teletubbies – couldn’t resist turning him into a dance craze. The special performance video now has 49 million views, only nearly 2 months after its release.

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