WATCH: Rassie Erasmus Dance Challenge

From Frank the famous dog to all kinds of “ban ban baby”. Rassie Erasmus, the country’s favorite rugby coach / manager is having his best December life (Dezemba). And it seems his antics now involve the rest of us South Africans as well. Rassie’s latest clip showing her best dance moves went so well that now there is quite a dance challenge inspired by it.

Can you take the Rassie Erasmus dance challenge?

Ok, so if you don’t know the original video that launched Rassie’s new dancing career…
It all started when he decided to throw his hat in the ring jokingly to become a member of the Gwijo Squad. After a short review period, the team were very happy to accept her application. It is despite Rassie’s own admission that he is white and lacks rhythm.

Rassie dance, hidden Dezemba

A South African with probably too much free time in December even went so far as to create a Twitter account “Danse Rassie”. In the 24 hours that the account has been active, there are now 15 different clips of Rassie’s dance. The trap ? These are the same movements, but all on completely different songs.

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This first might be our favorite though. But take a look at some of the best.

Even the slowest jams! Rassie Erasmus and his dance school have you covered for all occasions.

And the #RassieErasmusDanceChallenge?

It didn’t take long for the South Africans to try to join us and dance alongside our director of rugby. Just look at how Borrie and his daughter did. Dare we say it, maybe they actually danced Rassie.

Whether you are a dancer or not, Rassie Erasmus has clearly proven that each of us can experience our Dezemba to the best of our ability. For the sake of our entertainment, we know it will be a bit of a shock to see Rassie return to work once his ban is over. Our loss on Twitter will certainly be the gain of our Springboks.