Watch Rihanna and one of Diddy’s sons engage in a dance battle to ‘hide’ each other | News

Future’s molly and Percocet infused single “Mask Off” hit radio waves, clubs and social media, materializing its latest competitive craze, the “Mask Off Challenge”.

After being taken up by several people around the world, including Fewtch himself, the challenge had two new contenders during the Coachella festivities in April 2017: Rihanna and 19 years old Christian Combs.

In a video captured by fans, we see the Barbadian villain accepting the challenge against by Diddy youngest son with a milly-rock twist, inspired by Brookyln 2’s emcee Milly. While the two were definitely on the max, Christian’s cell phone might not stand a chance against RiRi’s perfected milly rock that she ended with one of her signature moves: a tampon.

Besides the challenge, the Anti The singer made a splash throughout Coachella town in April, especially after breaking through a chic and glitzy rocker ensemble at the annual music festival. Bringing home an unofficial best-dressed nod from around the world, she could also win the trophy for one of the world’s favorite dance challenges.

See the Mask Off dance in the video below. Who do you think won?