YouTube and BTS partner for the dance challenge exclusively available on YouTube Shorts

K-pop group BTS launched their “Permission to Dance” challenge exclusively on YouTube Shorts, after expanding globally last week, the YouTube music team said in a recent blog post.

Shorts is YouTube’s abbreviated vertical video feature first introduced in September 2020. With striking similarity to the TikTok social media platform, the feature allows users to “shoot short, eye-catching videos using only their phones. mobile “in the YouTube mobile application, said the video platform. The feature has since added more authoring tools, such as a multi-segment camera, allowing recording with music, controlling speed settings, among others.

The challenge kicks off on July 23 and invites everyone across the world to create a 15-second YouTube short from the YouTube mobile app to replicate the basic dance moves from the “Permission to Dance” music video by group of boys.

As part of the challenge, BTS will be highlighting some of their favorite shorts in a compilation video, so participants are encouraged to use the hashtags #PermissiontoDance and #Shorts to have their creations considered.

Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music on YouTube, said YouTube was honored to partner with BTS for the Permission to Dance Challenge on YouTube Shorts, helping “to spread happiness and build lasting bonds between their fans on YouTube. worldwide “.

Shin Young Jae, Managing Director of BIGHIT MUSIC, added: “Just as ‘Permission to Dance’ sends the message that you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to dance, we hope that we can bring people from all over the world to dance with it. us, free from any limits or constraints. We are very happy to see this challenge come to life on YouTube Shorts and look forward to seeing what you all create. ”Google has not commented INTERACTIVE-MARKETINGthe requests.

At the same time, YouTube yesterday unveiled a new tool for viewers to tip creators called “Super Thanks.”

The new feature had already been tested under a different name, “applause”, over the past year, which allowed viewers to purchase an applause animation that would appear privately to the buyer. The new Super Merci is currently in beta and builds on the applause where buyers will now see an animated gif and get a “distinct and colorful comment to highlight their purchase, which creators can respond to,” the chef said. YouTube product YouTube, paid digital products. , Barbara Macdonald.

youtube great thank you 2youtube great thank you 3

According to product manager Neal Mohan, Super Thanks is YouTube’s fourth paid digital asset. The others are namely Super Chat, Channel Subscriptions and Super Stickers, which launched in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. Macdonald said in a previous blog post in April that the number of channels that derive the majority of revenue from these are produced in 2020 was about three times higher than the previous year.

The extended functionality of Super Merci is in line with YouTube’s ongoing initiative to help creators monetize their content, taking inspiration from the live streaming platform Twitch. While Super Thanks allows fans to interact with the creators during regular uploads, its previous paid digital product Super Chat and Super Stickers were intended exclusively for live streams on YouTube. Super Chat, similar to Twitch’s Cheering feature, allows viewers to pay to pin their comment to the top of the chat, as well as highlight it in a different color to draw the creator’s attention to the chat. The cool stickers, similar to Twitch’s emoticons and cheermots, allow viewers to pay for a range of non-animated to animated stickers to use in live chat. Meanwhile, channel subscriptions allow viewers to access member-exclusive content for a fee. The feature is available to a random selection of creators and viewers in 68 countries on desktops as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. This functionality will be extended to all eligible YouTube Partner Program creators later this year.

In a previous blog post in February, Mohan announced the introduction of the series of new tools and features that are expected to be released this year. In the blog post, he said the focus is on the viewer experience and expanding opportunities for content creators. “We’re excited to share how YouTube’s mission of ‘Give Everyone a Voice and Show them the World’ drives our work to improve the platform,” Mohan said.

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